The CPG industry standard for data driven analytics in PowerPoint is now in the cloud. Announcing XP3 BI Cloud

With XP3 BI Cloud best in class presentations are customized with retailer specific data, ready to download or present via the web in seconds

The XP3 BI Cloud

Access your data, from anywhere. Rest assured that your data is secure, backed by Azure-based security in the cloud.
Design your output to tell your story using standard Microsoft-based tools. Iterate quickly through your designs using your data, on demand.
The BI Cloud can tap into data hosted on prem, in your own data center, or in our Azure cloud.

Interactive Edge’s easy-to-use interface allows powerusers to define "QuickPicks" which allow CPG sales managers to select
any combination of geographies and time periods to drive defined reports, providing smart, intuitive access to your data in a way that fits your daily workflow.

Utilize Multiple Data Sets (Syndicated, Panel, POS, and many more)

Secure Cloud Environment (Either ours or yours)

Super Easy to Use Interface (Simple and intuitive)

Best in class presentations customized for you (and your customer)